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The Apostolic Advantage with Apostle J

Nov 29, 2021

As we close out the year of 2021 we have to all come to the realization that the last 20 months have tested us and we now know we are stronger than what we thought we were. The amazing thing is that most of us feel the pull and stretch from Holy Spirit as if there is more. Truth of the matter it is, and wether you know it or not it's about to be birth through you.

The Bible declares that the whole creation travails and is labor awaiting the manifestation of the Son's of God. It's almost like a woman that is pregnant, we belly is round, we know that a baby is in there. We have seen the ultra sound and hears the heartbeat we are just waiting on the water to break and the baby to appear.

That's right everything is in a spiritual waiting room waiting on the news. Your announcement is coming and everything is creation is waiting on you to appear. You are the one!