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The Apostolic Advantage with Apostle J

Dec 13, 2021

the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to the spirit ,human existence, or the world.
As the church evolves and people come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ it is important for us to point new believers in the right direction. We have become so fascinated by gifts and callings that we fail to equip others with basic principles so they can continue. That right “continue”. We see many people start on this journey and stop soon after. They are more prevalent to rely on their emotions and gift than the sure power of Holy Spirit. This is a set-up for disaster for new converts and once they find themselves fallen they seem to not have a way to get back up and continue.
They bible says in Acts. 2:42 and they continued steadfastly in the Apostles Doctrine. Right here people were able to hold on, get up, and continue because of what the Apostles taught.
The Apostle taught out of experience. Yes they had an encounter but an encounter without the revelation is just a meeting of people. When we get the revelation of God , our gift, and all things that Holy Spirit wants to reveal we will be changed forever.
Throughout his journey Peter fell and failed many times. However he kept having the audacity to get back up and I believe it’s because he got the Revelation. Join us for this Episode of the Apostolic Advantage while Apostle J expounds on the power of Revelation and Revelatory gifts.
Key scripture: Mat 16:13-20
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